Work With Us

Batur & Bolukbasi Attorney Partnership, as a leading establishment, follows a human resources policy that provides every possible opportunity for its employees to complete their individual and professional developments, and that aims to maximise the establishment’s achievements and service potential with ambitious and active employees.

In this respect:
To create an efficient work force by taking advantage of technology and science in developing knowledge, ability and competence in our employees,

To create a peaceful and sublime working environment to our employees for the continuity and success of our establishment’s services,
To let our employees the morality and habit of doing business that is responsible to the society and respectful to humanitarian and moral values, we work with all our power.

If you want to be a member of Batur & Bolukbasi Attorney Association, you can send your CV (with a photograph) to our e-mail address [email protected].
(The applications for attorneys, intern attorneys, summer internships, secretaries, and intern students are done in the same way)