Ask A Lawyer

Our law firm provides written and oral counselling services. The written counselling service is a system in which you can consult our attorneys about your questions and the lawsuits you are considering opening in a written way.

Through this system, you can reach us, talk to us and communicate with us concerning any legal field. From family law to commercial law, from maritime law to criminal law, our expert staff in every field will give you the appropriate answers and make sure that you comprehend the subject in the best way possible. Believing in the superiority of law, our office has the capacity to provide solutions to every situation and subject within the framework of law.

In the case of your conveying detailed information to our attorneys, the attorneys of our law office will make the necessary preliminary examination and preparation. Then, our attorneys will provide information in accordance with your questions or subjects such as the context of your lawsuit, the requirements, the expenses, your gain and loss.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You have to submit your questions or the subjects that you want to ask in written form via the form below or our e-mail address, [email protected]. In the e-mail, you should include your name, contact information and a clear description. Otherwise, we cannot provide you a response.